Persian Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Persian cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. Persian cat has a very noble temperament. This cute adorable creature will become your best companion and will always brighten up your evening if you are single. The hallmark of the breed is a small snub nose. Cats with a very small, upturned nose are called the "extreme", and relatively long and slightly upturned nose are "classic".

Persian cats are very affectionate. They love to sleep or sit on the owner's knees, and sometimes even on their shoulders, humming in the ear. Persians do not like to be alone, they will follow you from room to room. Persian cats are very active and playful regardless of their age. By the way, the life span of this breed is about 10-15 years. But you should remember that your love and care can make the life of your pet longer!

How Much Does a Persian Cat Cost and Price Range

Persian breed of cats will be a perfect choice for you family. Its price can vary a bit in different countries but its average price is about $300. If you are offered a Persian cat at the lower price you should know that you can have not a pure breed or even a cat with some inherent problems.

Persian Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

By the way, the nose of Persian cats are not the main visiting card of these cats. A key feature of the Persian breed is a record number of color options. You can meet Persian cats of white, black, cream, deep-red color, as well as the color which is called "color-point" (with dark markings on the head, legs and tail).

Persian cats usually weigh from 4 to 7 kg at the height of 30 cm. The head of the Persian cats is round and enough massive. Small, wide and snub nose is a distinctive and unique feature of the breed. Ears of Persian cats are small with slightly rounded tips and beautiful tufts. The eyes are of round shape, large, brilliant and expressive. The neck looks like a reliable support for a large head.

The body of the Persian cat can be large or of medium size. The tail is rather short, very bushy with slightly rounded tip. Their coat is long, thick and soft. The Persians have a "lion's mane".

Persian Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

In comparison to other breeds, Persian cats are more domestic. They cannot live away from home. In general, cats of this breed are characterized by gentle nature and the full confidence to their owner. In the family they often choose the object of love who they respect.

They are very quiet. Their voice is rarely heard. Persians ask to pay attention to them quietly but persistently: they are sitting near the owner and gaze into his face till the last one draw his attention to the cat. They accompany all members of the family from room to room and love children.