German Pinscher Temperament and Lifespan

The character of German Pinscher can hardly be compared with anything. This is a very energetic dog, full of enthusiasm and excitement. Pincher, bursting with an excess of energy needs proper control and a good upbringing. In addition, this breed needs early socialization of puppies, which will allow the animal to install and establish contact with the man from the beginning. However, it should be noted that, despite the small size of the dog, it can be trusted with a child only in the presence of an adult.

The German Pinscher has the living spirit of an adventurer and manipulator. Being alone, it is able to find something to do. Be careful in dealing with this dog, its intelligence and cunning is very remarkable. In addition, experts recommend not cross the line where excessive kindness has the negative impact on the dog's character, or even ruin it. Pampered dog will become a "headache" for you and your loved ones.

The lifespan of the breed is about 13-16 years.

How Much Does a German Pinscher Cost and Price Range

The price depends on the location of the breeder, the quality of the puppy as the show quality dogs cost more. The age of the puppy also affects its price. The average price is about $400-$600.

German Pinscher Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Adult Pinscher is a charmingly graceful dog, especially in the movement, perfectly visible when a well-developed musculature. German Pinscher has the height of 45-50 cm and the weight of an adult dog may range from 14 to 20 kg. Breed standards allow having hair of two colors. First - plain from stag-red, reddish-brown to dark red-brown. Other - black and tan: lacquer-black with red or brown markings, which are ideally dark saturated color, distinct. Markings should be placed above the eyes, on the throat, on the pasterns, on the feet, on the inside of the hind legs and under the tail base. The breast Pinscher has the symmetry between the two triangles, which must be clearly separated.

German Pinscher Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Socialization is a must-see destination in the education of the German Pinscher. Without proper training a dog becomes overly aggressive not only to relatives but also to the people. Classes must be constant, consistent, varied. Pincher is very clever and smart, well-performing orders and always ready to learn new things. Clerks tone and brute force will not benefit your pet, it just closes in itself, becomes stubborn and rebellious.

German Pinscher is endowed with an enviable stamina, it loves cycling, running around with the kids in the yard, long walks on a leash and free range. In addition to active play, a dog needs more exercise. Such as the German Pinscher dog will not sit down for a moment to the owner. In spite of such activity on the street, in the house of the dog is calm, does not stick, does not bother, but if it had walked and played enough.