Just Who is Kordale Lewis?
It was just a selfie. At least, that’s what Kordale Lewis thought when he snapped a picture of him and his partner caught in their morning ritual of brushing their daughters’ hair. But when he followed the precedent of his straight-couple friends and posted the family photo on his social media accounts, he did not anticipate the response. The image—two gay, black dads parenting their young daughters like, God forbid, any other couple—went viral. Kordale and Kaleb were instantly overwhelmed with the overnight backlash of negativity and the warmth of support that came with their worldwide Internet recognition.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the viral buzz that surrounded the photo only scratches the surface. Picture Perfect? is an honest, soul-bearing memoir that pulls back the curtain on the story behind the picture and reveals the less-than-perfect history underneath. With inspiring candor, Kordale describes his struggles with childhood sexual abuse, a drug-addicted and mentally absent mother, sexual identity, suicide, the trials of young fatherhood, and much more. His story is a not only a triumph against all odds and a touching pursuit for love, but also a bold challenge for readers to redefine their own meaning of a perfect family.
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